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Spline Removal

Pull the cane loose  while prying with other hand. Be really careful here.
The prying tool can slip out of the grove!


 Get all working material together.              Below are items you will need.

1.     Your chair frame or chair

2.     Box knife

3.     Caning wedges

4.     Glue

5.     Bucket for cane and spline

6.     Pre woven cane

7.     Spline

8.     Pry tool

9.     Small hammer

Make sure the grove is completely free of all cane and spline
Your chair frame should look close  to this picture .Now that the hard part is out of the way, lets get to
the fun part!

Step: 2

Pre soak your cane and spline at least 20 to 30 minutes in warm water.Make sure your cane and spline arecompletely submerged.

Okay at this point you need to do any and all repair and refinishing. Make sure your joints in the chair frame have no cracks or breaks in it. There is a lot of stress on the joints when you get your cane installed and spline in.

Here is one of the most  important part of the procedure. Always allow at least 2 inches around the grove  in the chair frame. Mark a line to where you need to cut your cane to size. If  you ordered a cut close to the size you  may not have to trim the cane. It is always better to have to much than to  little. Lay your pre woven cane of the chair frame. Center it the way you want it to look when you are done.

Step: 3

Removal of old spline and cane.Sometimes this is the hardest part of the whole procedure. Use you pry tool to pry up a piece of spline and start working it around the chair frame. Use the small hammer to tap a piece lose if need be.

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