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                   Checkyour alignment once more.Take one of your wedges and lightly tap it in  place at the top of the frame.Take another wedge and tap it in place at the bottom of the frame. Then add one to your left and to your right. Remember just tap it in place just enough to hold the cane down. Don't worry about the tightness at this point the cane will tighten as your work progresses.

                   Take another wedge and start tapping into the grove of the frame. Leave the wedges in place from the previous step. Work around the grove until you have tapped the cane  into the grove all the way around the chair frame. The grove you are now making does not have to be perfect, the spline will form the cane grove when you get to that  point.

                   Your chair should look like this. I have removed the wedges to show the cane grove better. Time to get your wood glue out. Pour a small bead of glue around the  grove in the cane. Make sure you cover the grove area completely. Don't add too much glue. Just a small bead all the way around the cane

Continued Press Cane

 Inserting The Spline

                                                                                             Remove your spline from the water and shake off excess water. Start at the back of the  frame. Put the beveled spline into the grove that you tapped your cane into. Don't put the whole spline in just about a inch at a  time. Tap the spline down just enough to make it stay into the grove. Remember   TAP!  TAP!

                         Work your way around the chair frame until the end of your spline meets the beginning one. Your chair seat should look like the picture here. Tap a long the spline until you get a even look on the spline.

Okay are you hanging there with me? There's not a lot left to do! Get one of your wedges and use the small end to sit the spline into the frame. Try to get it flush with the chair frame.

With a box knife trim off excess cane. Be sure and not scratch the chair frame. And most of all don't cut your self

Now your frame should look like this. You can stain the seat if you want. You can put a light coat of finish of your choice. Guess what?. We are done. Hope you had fun and good luck.

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