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 Fiber Rush Instructions

. Here is a list of what you will need

This is what your chair should look like now.

Shuttle (optional)
Box Knife
Tack Puller
Tack Hammer
Card Board


First step. Tack the rush next to the hole where the old rush was.

Using your box knife remove the old rush. Cut along the side rails all the way around the chair frame. Use caution so you don't cut into the wood of the rails

On the first wrap go over the front rail.
Second go under the front rail and over the rush to your left. A good place to start is on your left working left to right. Keep it tight. One of the most important thing to do is keep it tight. Run your rush to you right rail and go over the side rail. Then go under to the front rail and run it back to the back rail. Go under, then  over your back side rail then under the seat to the left side rail. Work your way back to the front

You will notice that there are some tacks and some small pieces of rush on the inside of your chair frame. This is your starting point. Notice how the rush is on because you, want to accomplish the same pattern as the original

Your corner's should look like this.

             Keep it tight!

Tack removal. Remove the old tacks with a tack puller.

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