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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get rid of an ink stain?
  2. How do I get rid of a stain in wood?
  3. Can you use wood from my old tree/barn?
  4. What is a toned finish?
  5. Do you make custom bookcases, desks, chairs, etc.?
  6. What if my furniture was left standing in water?
  7. How do I care for the surface of my butcher block?
  8. Can a damaged finish be "touched-up?"
  9. Will refinishing diminish the value of my item?"
  10. Can you strip & refinish cabinets, trim, etc. in my home?
  11. Why has the finish on my table gotten sticky?
  12. What can be done about white/cloudy, water/heat, rings/marks?
  13. Do you use polyurethane?
  14. What finish would you use at home?
  15. Do you dip strip?
  16. It's painted now, can you strip and stain?

  17 How long will it take to do my furniture?

  18 Do you do CANING or RUSHING

  19 What is the difference between hand caning       and press caning?

  20 What is the difference between fiber rush       and natural  rush?

  21 Do you do color matching?

  22 Do you refurbish furniture?

 23   Removing a scratch

 24   Trim repairs

 25   Tall Case Clocks

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