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  12     What about white/cloudy, water/heat, rings/marks?


Water gets under the finish and creates microscopic voids between the wood and finish. This traps light and creates a white or milky look. First try thorough cleaning, the problem may be in wax coat, not finish. If that doesn't help: 1) Wipe lemon oil or petroleum jelly, and let sit overnight. It may fill voids. and improve look but not eliminate problem. 2) Wipe gently with cloth slightly dampened with denatured alcohol. Start with quick light strokes. Go slower and use more alcohol/pressure until it works. 3) Heat area carefully with blow dryer to warm finish and re-fuse to wood. CAUTION: BE VERY CAREFUL. Too little does nothing, too much blisters finish. 4) Use four aught "0000" steel wool with an oily lubricant (lemon oil will do) and wipe gently. 5) ONLY IF IT'S LACQUER: spray fine mist of lacquer retarder on area. This will soften the finish and allow it to fuse back together. If the finish is not lacquer THIS CAN CAUSE BLISTERING. 5) In our shop we can sometimes apply other procedures that might help. If nothing else works then stripping and refinishing is required.


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