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24   Trim repairs


Various types of trim can easily come off. Furniture gets banged, things fall on it and constant rubbing can loosen areas. It is important to replace these when possible because exposed areas on either side of a damaged area can be more vulnerable. Even a gentle dusting can snag the edge of a broken area and pull it off.

If you have a broken piece that is intact (rather than in many pieces) you may be able to re-attach it. However, it is advisable to speak to a professional conservator before attempting such a repair. Paying for a quick visit for them to see your piece of furniture may save you a great deal of angst and money.

If there are a number of pieces, wrap each one individually in
acid-free tissue and store in a bag or box. Do not attempt a complex repair.

For simple repairs, follow this advice:

  • To begin a simple re-attachment, examine the area. Is there a residue of old glue? Does the broken piece fit well? Old glue can carefully be removed with a scalpel and a very steady hand. Don't dig at the glue. Brush away any residue. It may be necessary to do this on both the area of the break and the broken piece.
  • Use a tiny amount of cold scotch glue on the broken part. This is animal glue (NOT synthetic glue) and does not need to be heated to be effective. Try to apply it in the middle of the piece to be joined. This will help prevent it oozing out when re-applied.
  • Carefully place the piece back in its original location. If you see any glue seeping out, remove it with your finger.
  • Leave it for 24 hours and then carefully remove it. Polish with beeswax polish if necessary.



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